Smash Cakes

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1st birthday cake

The most important birthday of ALL time!

And you think…

My child has never had cake… How will they respond to all that sugar?

Will the sugar turn them into the spawn of Satan?

Should I even give them cake?

The answer is YES!

Order one of our organic smash cakes.

Less sugar. Less holy terror. More sweet pictures!


What’s in our cakes?

Simply the best!

Organic Fruit, Local Honey, Flour, and Cream Cheese Icing.

Fruit and Honey are naturally sweet and delicious in cake.

Number cakes are usually outlined in Carob (vegan chocolate).

Yes, we use food coloring. No, it doesn’t stain skin.

We’d love to create something custom for you!

Click on contact us page and fill out form!

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