Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes

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Custom Birthday Cakes- Atlanta, GA area ONLY!


Meaty- Bacon + Mild Cheddar Cheese + Parsley + Carrots + Celery + Beef Stock + Cage-Free Eggs + and Whole Wheat Flour

Sweet- Pumpkin + PB + Cinnamon + Cage-Free Eggs + and Whole Wheat Flour.

Fruity- Seasonal Fruit + Cage-Free Eggs + Whole Wheat Flour

Cakes will be iced with Vanilla Yogurt + Cream Cheese OR PB + Cream Cheese OR Carob Icing

Decorating is completely up to you! Please contact us so we can help design your pup's cake! 404-862-0466

Sizes Range from

Small  4" Circle $15

Medium  9" Circle or 9x9" Square $20

Large 9x11" Rectangle $25