Beachin' Box 2 Pack

Beachin' Box 2 Pack

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Mix & Match 

8oz jars

Cookies, Mini Donuts (soft), BananaMUTT Granola or Training Treats.

Your box. Your Way.

Flavors for each category will show once you click on your choice.

Choose your flour:  Regular (whole wheat), Gluten-Free (oat + coconut) or Grain-Free (coconut + chickpea). Gluten and Grain-Free treats contain eggs. We are more than happy to customize treats around your dog's allergies. Just send us a note at checkout or a quick email to and we will get back to you in a timely fashion!

If you are looking to sign up for a monthly box, and want different treats each month--choose your type of treat but not the flavor. Every month, we will send you DIFFERENT flavors. We will keep track of what your dog has already had so it will never be the same. When you decide that you want specific flavors, just email us! SIMPLE!

Save $$ and make your "kid" happy! Don't have a dog? Our boxes make a great gift for your dog-loving family & friends!

Our treats are ORGANIC and our produce comes from local farms. There are NO artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Just like our food, they can spoil easily. Keep out of direct sunlight. Whole wheat cookies do not have to be refrigerated, however GF should be! Life span is about 6-8 weeks--Longer if frozen.