The Lock-In

The lock-in at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia was last Friday! Thank you to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause! They have raised closed to $50k!!!

Hopefully you follow our Instagram and got to see some footage of the most adorable babies ever! This being my second year doing this fundraiser, I knew going in that it was going to be an emotional day....

It's an extraordinary experience to be stuck in a kennel and feel what these dogs feel. To watch people walk by and overlook you. To watch dogs go past your kennel and not be able to play with them. To want someone to just show you a little love. To want to sleep, but it's so loud and you're so scared that you can't. To be on a cold floor instead of a warm bed. To not know what true love is... It's truly sad! Maybe then you wouldn't support breeders. Maybe then you will save a life!