About Us: 


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Cake Pricing:

4” Cakes: $25+

7” Cakes: 45+

9” & Sheet Cakes: $65+

4 Oversized Cupcakes: $35+

6 Cupcakes: $35+

To order please contact us directly 404-862-0466 or fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page!


Beachin’ Biscuits has been around for a few years, providing organic treats to dogs around the country. In recent months, we have decided to cut out treats and shipping and provide custom cakes for Atlanta, GA locals.

Beachin’ Biscuits/Bakery is owned by myself (Brittany) and my husband (Adam). I am the baker and Adam handles the business side. Our house is full of five spoiled rescued dogs. Life revolves around these dogs. I started making treats for my dogs about five years ago. I was so tired of buying crappy treats that had so many ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I started selling online and locally and the business boomed. About a year ago, I started making cakes. It’s really hard to find a good looking and tasty cake for dogs. They look like human cakes, and taste great! I absolutely LOVE baking and decorating these cakes! It gives me such satisfaction to see the expression on people’s faces when I drop off the cake.

My goal is to take human cake recipes and turns them into delicious dog friendly cakes. I cut out the sugar and all ingredients that dog’s cannot consume. Why can’t your dog have great tasting cake? Even the humans enjoy them!

Each cake is specifically designed for your dog’s needs. We love a challenge and would love to work with you! Fondant is not used, so please that in mind when thinking about a cake.

NEW: We are now making human cakes!!